iCAM 3.0 Data Entry Notes (revised 01-13-14)

Important Dates to Remember:

1st day of the month

  • Rent due for all properties.

  • Properties are to close out on the first business day but no later than the third day.

  • Properties with Key Assistance to submit Key Requisition Form.

3rd business day of the month

  • All properties are to be closed out for the prior month.

6th day of the month

11th day of the month

  • Rent late for RD properties. Send out Pay-or-Quit Notices.

  • Non-RD properties have to have eviction filed by this date.

  • Send in eviction check requests to the Home Office. (RD properties)

  • Security deposits that are not paid are to be charged the $25 late fee.

15th - 20th of the month

  • Complete the Pre-Month End Checklist and send in to the Regional Property Manager.

  • Properties are to ensure they have vouched their VeriRent invoice from the previous month and send in for payment.

17th of the month
  • RD properties are to have submitted their MINC payments.

20th of the month
  • Send out Debit/Credit memos to persons on the net receivables report to ensure the correct amount of money is being collected for the next month.

  • All sites are to complete write-offs and send in to the Regional Property Manager for approval before month-end.

21st of the month

  • RD properties are to file eviction.

23rd of the month

  • George Washington School Apartments to submit HAP payment voucher to Kingsport Housing Authority for next month HAP payments.

27th of the month
  • Send in next month's calendar to the Regional Property Manager for approval.

30th or 31st of the month

  • Send out re-certification letters (120, 90, 60, 30 day letters) to all those who have not completed the recertification process.

  • All eviction money requested during the month has to be re-deposited if not used.

  • Laundry/vending machine money has to be deposited.