The Community Manager, in conjunction with the Service Team is responsible for performing routine inspections of the property to ensure that items are repaired in a timely manner.

Obtaining Bids


When the Community Manager begins to accepts bids he/she should do the following:

  1. Write out a bid specification sheet for the contractor to utilize when providing a bid to the office. In the specification, outline exactly what work is needed to be done so that each contractor will be able to bid on the same work (comparing apples to apples).

  2. Each bid is to be placed in writing and the Site Manager should set a specific date to have all bids turned into the office.

  3. Managers should document each contractor that they have contacted in order to obtain a bid. Keep noted the date, time, name of the contractor or company and the person whom was spoken to at the business.

  4. Attempt to obtain as many bids as possible but obtain at least two bids.

  5. Fax all bids to the Regional Property Manager for approval. 


Always utilize websites to aid in searching for contractors to complete work. Utilize sites such asGoogle, Yahoo and even Home Advisor to search for qualified contractors to supply proposals to your site.


New Vendors


To establish a new vendor, the Community Manager will need to obtain paperwork from the new vendor.  An O74 (New Vendor Request) must be completed accompanied by a W-9 and certificate of liability insurance.  Those documents must be sent to your Regional Property Manager for approval.


Maintenance - Please see below for important information: