Hey Team LPMC! 2015 is off to an AMAZING start! We truly enjoyed having each and every one of you attend our 2014 Annual Company Meeting. LPMC is committed to developing educated, well-versed site and corporate staff that have the professional knowledge necessary to service our residents and maintain our assets effectively.  

Have you completed your mandatory Fair Housing online? Eager to advance your skills and acquire the tools necessary to succeed at LPMC? Be sure to visit LPMC University Online, powered by the Training Factor today! Need your login info? Email support@trainingfactor.com  or contact Brandon Negron, Training Director. Our company number for our online training portal is 5122.

Below are some of the presentations that were used during our 2014 Annual Company Meeting. Please feel free to print and review as necessary with your site staff.


Hanover Ridge  Coit Village   Summerville Gardens 
Schoolfield Westmoreland   GK Region   Cashie Apartments  
East Harper Apartments   Mayworth School Apartments  Cleveland School